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Why is there BACON in my CHOCOLATE?

Posted by apwood on February 4, 2008



I didn’t want to try it but I thought what the heck. I pretty much like anything covered in chocolate. But Bacon? I may eat bacon every once in a blue moon when I go to a brunch. It’s ok but I don’t crave bacon and the thought of it inside of a candy bar sounded pretty bad.

Closing my eyes, I took a bite and let it melt in my mouth. Shockingly, I didn’t hate it! And after the salty-sweet creation sat in my mouth for a minute and melted… I loved it! And I wanted more. There was something completely decadent and unique about Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges … I was floored, never would I have thought it would be so good!

Of course, all my time couldn’t be spent on one kind, there were so many. The Goji Bar – a lighter and fruity concoction was offset perfectly with pink Himalayan salt. Yum!

Finally, I tried the Red Fire Bar – yes, the chipotle chillies and cinnamon give you a hint of the red hot candies after the dark chocolate melts away.

I was thoroughly enjoying my taste testing wishing I had a glass of red wine to wash it down while eyeing up the peanut butter truffles, chocolate covered tortilla chips, and more.

Sound good? Well, if you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area you can do this yourself this Valentine’s Day at Inspirador, located in historic downtown Chandler!

I took a tour of this exquisite Spanish colonial inspired wedding & event space before stopping off into their storefront boutique to sample the exotic chocolate collection.

The art gallery ‘Tryst’ and the event space are beautiful! New, fresh, unique, contemporary, and truly inspirational are what come to mind when I visited.

I will be getting married there this year! I feel lucky!


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