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Why Listen to Pyschic Medium Ricky Wood on the Radio Feb. 6th?

Posted by apwood on January 29, 2009

You just might have some of your questions answered about Psychic Medium Ricky Wood!img_45901-5x5-for-webthumbnail1

When & Where?

Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Holly Matthews has a great radio show out of  Tempe, Arizona called “Unleashng Your Psychic Abilities”. Every Friday at 10:00 am Holly takes a look at the world of psychic phenomena and the people who work  in the field.

Yours truly has been invited to share about my experiences in the world of the paranormal! I am looking forward to a humorous, engaging, and interesting program.

Join us as we share some of our favorite experiences with Mediumship, Guides and Ghosts. You’ll find yourself fascinated with these true life experiences which validate there is more to life than just height, depth and width. Come participate, ask questions and enjoy these delightful experiences in connecting to individuals on different dimensions.

So listen Friday, Feb 6th at 10:00 am  ( 12:00 noon EST) !

Here’s the link.

http://www.modavox.com/7thwavenetwork/ matthewsholly-banner


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Why Listen to Psychic Medium Ricky Wood on Internet Radio Thursday 10/2/08?

Posted by apwood on September 29, 2008

So you can listen to one of the most gifted Psychic Mediums out there!

You can even call in during the show and get live readings with Ricky!

Ricky is quickly becoming one of the nations most sought after Psychic Mediums and Intuitive Life Coaches.

To read more about Ricky and his services go to  www.RickyWood.net!

Fellow Psychic Medium, Joseph LoBrutto, has invited Ricky to join him on his radio show this

Thursday Evening 10/2/08 at 6 pm Eastern,

10/2/08 Ricky Wood Intuitive Life Coach

Journey of Life Radio

6PM Eastern  *5PM Central * 4PM Mountain * 3PM Pacific

Click on this link to go there now!

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Why is there BACON in my CHOCOLATE?

Posted by apwood on February 4, 2008



I didn’t want to try it but I thought what the heck. I pretty much like anything covered in chocolate. But Bacon? I may eat bacon every once in a blue moon when I go to a brunch. It’s ok but I don’t crave bacon and the thought of it inside of a candy bar sounded pretty bad.

Closing my eyes, I took a bite and let it melt in my mouth. Shockingly, I didn’t hate it! And after the salty-sweet creation sat in my mouth for a minute and melted… I loved it! And I wanted more. There was something completely decadent and unique about Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges … I was floored, never would I have thought it would be so good!

Of course, all my time couldn’t be spent on one kind, there were so many. The Goji Bar – a lighter and fruity concoction was offset perfectly with pink Himalayan salt. Yum!

Finally, I tried the Red Fire Bar – yes, the chipotle chillies and cinnamon give you a hint of the red hot candies after the dark chocolate melts away.

I was thoroughly enjoying my taste testing wishing I had a glass of red wine to wash it down while eyeing up the peanut butter truffles, chocolate covered tortilla chips, and more.

Sound good? Well, if you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area you can do this yourself this Valentine’s Day at Inspirador, located in historic downtown Chandler!

I took a tour of this exquisite Spanish colonial inspired wedding & event space before stopping off into their storefront boutique to sample the exotic chocolate collection.

The art gallery ‘Tryst’ and the event space are beautiful! New, fresh, unique, contemporary, and truly inspirational are what come to mind when I visited.

I will be getting married there this year! I feel lucky!

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