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The Big Picture of asking Why?

Posted by apwood on January 9, 2008


Why, Why? Questions are a beautiful thing. When you ask Why? you are opening your mind, developing an understanding, and educating yourself. It is all your own – good, bad, or indifferent.

I don’t ask Why so I know more than the next guy, it’s to learn enough facts from all sides so I can make what I feel is an educated decision that resonates with me. It has also always helped me to get to the bottom of ‘it’ (feelings, problems, etc)

All that being said, I love questions, pondering different answers, and trying to find my ultimate happiness.

Being a ‘Why Girl’ has its pro’s and con’s. On the positive side, I don’t do things because others do, I think I should, or because it’s easier. The result being a lot of successes.

The down side would be the inability a lot of the time to just ‘be.’ Always wanting to know why something is, what made it that way, how i can fix it, where do i get that information, when is it going to change – is not conducive to allowing. (I know not as cute as Abbott and Costello’s ‘who’s on first’)

I’ve found something in the Abraham Hick’s school of thought that is helping with my much needed growth in ‘allowing.’ Check it out… (www.abraham-hicks.com)

But no matter what, and a lot of times to my better half’s dismay, I am a questioner and probably always will be!

So for his sanity, and mine – I’ll rant my Why? questions in this blog…


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