A Simple Question … Endless Possibilities


amy-butler.jpg Why did I title my site “Why?” Simply because it has been my favorite word since I could speak. When told to do something as a child, I wanted to know why? Now in my thirties, I still want to know why, but just before “What?

Why you ask? Well, if you know why something is happening, you can figure out what to do about it. I’ve learned quite a lot with this mentality; however, I’m still a life long student.

But mainly – I use this sight to write about what I’m reading and thinking about.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. crissygirl said

    I will gladly join you! 🙂 The ‘why’ really is more important than any of the other questions.

  2. apwood said

    Thanks, it is much more fun with company!

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