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Why Is the Media allowed to Choose OUR Presidential Candidates?

Posted by apwood on May 15, 2008

Before there was just McCain, Hillary, & Obama to choose from – I was rooting for Ron Paul.

Why? Because he made sense. I watched many of his videos on you tube and he was no bull shit. Simply, he wanted to take the ‘Big’ out of government.

I especially liked him for his views on wanting to reign in the power of the FDA, lobbyists, and the governments power over suppressing alternative health, as well as, his views on fixing our economic situation and the ‘war.’

Why? That’s another post (and evident if you’ve checked out my other blog www.greenlifesaver.net), but for now I found this video most informative. Now I know Why? Ron Paul disappeared.

The big question is WHY? does the media get to choose this and WHO? is running the show behind the scenes?

Check this video out –


One Response to “Why Is the Media allowed to Choose OUR Presidential Candidates?”

  1. D said

    I don’t think the media chooses. The amount of money you have chooses the President of the United States. You have to have enough money to buy media and control it.

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