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Why Do Opposites Attract?

Posted by apwood on January 14, 2008


    • I’m emotional – which means that I cry, yell, get mad, act silly, and laugh – usually all within the same day, almost daily. He is calm and introspective.
    • I hate driving a lot. He loves it.
    • I’m extremely affectionate. He would forget to kiss me hello or goodbye if I didn’t remind him!
    • I love vegetables. He doesn’t care for any and probably wouldn’t eat them if I didn’t make him (except corn – which really doesn’t count!)
    • I have light hair, eyes, and skin. He has dark hair, eyes, and skin.
    • I, for most of my life, didn’t have much faith. He is full of it, always believing.

    So WHY do I love him – and can only see a future with him? I’m crazy? Like Self-torture? or is there a reason we are attracted to each other?

    Do we love in the other which we are lacking because we admire it or want to become more balanced? Maybe a little but some of these differences cause fights, hurt feelings, etc.

    Are we suppose to learn acceptance of differences, which is easier to do when there is love?

    After years of reading…. what I think I’ve learned is that if you truly love someone, you love them for who they are no matter what. To become a master of this, not letting any differences cause you distress would be the ultimate goal.

    Have I attained this level, No. I am still trying. But every night before I go to sleep, I hug and kiss him and know that there is no one else for me.


    5 Responses to “Why Do Opposites Attract?”

    1. bchboy1 said

      well i guess you’re right…at least half anyway..I am full of it!

    2. I think there are many different types of “opposites,” and reasons for attraction. If you will pardon my saying so, the “opposite” qualities you’ve listed here are very surface-level. If the two of you have the same basic life goals and ethos, those things are the true foundation of a relationship. The factors you’ve mentioned are comparatively minor lifestyle issues.

      The kinds of “opposite” issues that generally cause deep problems in relationships are issues of personal responsibility, morality, and interpersonal ethics. Small differences of taste and behavior are just the spice of life. 🙂

    3. xceptit said

      Don’t wait and search for any levels because you can’t see them; and the feelings that the levels hold are strongest at their peaks. Enjoyment is one, and looking for it is a pin and needle floor walked on with barefeet. Allowing for the directions that we get the most peace from to expand, will and are open roads that offer all things but beware; sometimes the roads will be coated with black ice and all can fall to the sides. We’d rather slow down and take a look at a wonder, or to say hello, so, leave the searching for why your relationship is, it is; We’re like a plant in all the seasons; and we grow with just a smile.

    4. discombobulated is a cruel word especially if you are sent into confusion without being aware of it not knowing the meaning of it cause dis is one meaning with no reaction to the action cause thats confusing

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